Event Recap: PLASMAIDE's Recovery Bar Takes a Spin Around the 2023 Santos Tour Down Under

Event Recap: PLASMAIDE's Recovery Bar Takes a Spin Around the 2023 Santos Tour Down Under

PLASMAIDE made its first brand appearance at the 2023 Santos Tour Down Under, a world-renowned cycling race in Adelaide, Australia. The event took place from January 13th to January 22nd 2023. It's also considered the largest cycling festival in the southern hemisphere and was a thrilling experience for fans and participants alike.

The cycling event kicks off the UCI professional cycling season and attracts the world's best cycling teams and riders from around the globe. The action was intense, with seaside sprints, epic climbs, and breathtaking finishes as the top riders and teams battled it out. It was the perfect setting for the debut of the PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR.

"We wanted to provide a unique and beneficial experience that would attract people to our marquee, and we were able to achieve this through our PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR," said Steve Allende, co-founder and CEO. "It was a terrific way to introduce our powerful liquid adaptogen to teams, riders, and cycling fans."

The PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR set up shop at the tour village, where it offered recovery services, including ice baths, percussion guns, and compression boots. These services helped cyclists recover from the demanding rides, and fans refresh themselves from the heat. Some highlights from the event included:

  • There was a surprise visit by Michael Matthews. Michael is a professional Australian road and track cyclist with team Jayco-alUla (UCI ranked #9). Matthews was eager to the ice baths and found they helped his recovery after each day's race and made it part of his recovery process throughout the rest of the event. We also welcomed our partners from the ARA Skip Capital men's and women's teams to the marquee who stopped by to recover after their races and stock up on PLASMAIDE.
  • And veteran sports journalist Rupert Guinness also stopped by to learn more about PLASMAIDE and how it could benefit him during his upcoming Race Across America. The competitor in Guinness couldn't resist the urge to take on our Ice Bath Challenge, and he finished third overall with a very respectable time of 31 minutes.

The Ice Bath Challenge, a competition that tested participants' willpower and mental toughness by asking them to stay in a freezing-cold ice bath for as long as possible, grabbed the attention of festival-goers. Challenge takers shared how much they enjoyed testing their willpower and mental toughness. The challenge winner was Wendy Janssens, with an incredible time of 41 minutes and 12 seconds, and she took home an entire year's worth of PLASMAIDE.

The PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR provided a holistic recovery experience for cyclists to use each day during the 10-day event. And the Tour Down Under was a fantastic way to showcase the best of cycling and the importance of recovery. PLASMAIDE added an extra layer of excitement and provided a valuable opportunity for athletes to experience the benefits of their recovery services.

What's in store for the next edition of the PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR at the Tour Down Under? Make sure you are there to see it in 2024! 


About the PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR: The PLASMAIDE RECOVERY BAR is a cutting-edge recovery bar specialising in providing athletes with the latest recovery techniques and tools to help them recover more quickly and effectively. It is a unique pop-up experience at sporting and cultural events where performance experts deliver recovery services that meet each athlete's needs, whether after a gruelling training session or a demanding race. From ice baths and percussion guns to compression boots and sachets of PLASMAIDE, it offers a set of holistic recovery services that help participants feel their best and perform at their highest level.

About the Santos Tour Down Under: As Australia's premier cycling event, the Santos Tour Down Under commands attention. Its status on the Union Cycliste International (UCI) world cycling calendar ensures that the best teams and riders worldwide compete yearly to start the cycling season. Surrounding the men's and women's races is the Santos Festival of Cycling, which offers ten days of entertainment and action on and off the bike. The 2020 Santos Tour Down Under attracted 44,801 visitors, passionate about cycling, adventure, and tourism.

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