Reimagining Performance Through Blood Health

What is PLASMAIDE? It's a liquid plant-based blood health adaptogen with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can be used as pre-activity (not during) for performance benefit and/or post-activity for recovery. Our highly bioavailable formula increases the production of naturally produced nitric oxide and stabilises it once it's formed, which helps:

  • increase blood flow and circulation
  • enhance the body's natural defence mechanisms
  • reduce the build-up of lactic acid for less muscle fatigue
  • support improved physical performance and recovery
  • benefit cognitive function, sharpen focus

Optimise Recover Excel Repeat

Energy & Endurance

Boost your stamina and power through intense training and competitions with improved oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Focus & Productivity

Enhance mental clarity and cognitive performance for better decision-making and sustained attention during competitions and daily tasks.

Recovery & Repair

Accelerate healing and bounce back quickly from training sessions and competitions with efficient waste removal and nutrient replenishment.

Designed for All

Woman wearing an endurance testing mask while running indoors on treadmill.

Rooted in Science


PLASMAIDE initiates the natural production of nitric oxide in the body to support circulation and blood flow, which promotes more efficient energy production, increased endurance, and faster recovery.


Our liquid formula enters your bloodstream within 30-45 minutes of ingestion, whereas supplements in capsules or powder form can lose their effectiveness by not being fully absorbed by the body.

A forrest of Maritime pine trees (Pinus pinaster).

Good for Your Body


Our plant-based product is made with clean and natural ingredients. Pine bark extract has been used since the 1950s and has been subjected to hundreds of independent clinical studies.

Tested and Certified

To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we partner with Informed Sport and firstFlagX to ensure that professional and everyday athletes can safely and confidently use our products.


PLASMAIDE has really impacted my performance by upping my endurance; it gives me the ability to last longer at the gym and in my training sessions and games. It also helps me to recover faster and go for better training sessions at a higher level day after day.”

Ben Folami - Professional Footballer (Melbourne Victory FC)

The Benefits