Australian Startup Plasmaide Focuses On Blood Health For Better Movement And Athletic Performance

Australian Startup Plasmaide Focuses On Blood Health For Better Movement And Athletic Performance

BRISBANE, Australia, 5 September 2022—Brisbane-based startup PLASMAIDE has launched Australia's first human movement company focused on blood health today.

The company's first product offering is a plant-based daily performance supplement with a unique and proprietary blend of pine bark extract from the Maritime Pine Tree (Pinus Pinaster). It stimulates the increased production of endogenously-produced nitric oxide, increasing blood flow and influencing exercise efficiency, muscle contraction, cell energy (mitochondrial) respiration, and glucose uptake.

The key ingredient in PLASMAIDE is pine bark extract (PBE), which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, increasing the body's natural defense mechanisms and contributing to better movement, delivering more optimal performance. The adaptogens are natural substances typically derived from plants that have been shown to have significant health benefits helping people 'adapt' to stress and lower cortisol levels.

"After spending the majority of my career in fast-moving consumer goods, I wanted to take those learnings and apply them to something that would make people's lives better," said Stephen Allende, Co-founder, and CEO of PLASMAIDE. "Focusing on blood health, we're targeting more than cardiovascular health—we're helping people to power their endurance, energy levels, immune system, and recovery."

At PLASMAIDE, we work with the world's leading scientists, athletes, and experts to create products that may improve your blood health, resulting in better physical and mental performance, increased energy, and faster recovery—optimizing your movement in order to perform at your highest level in any situation.

"Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend recreationalist, good blood flow and circulation impacts everything from your gut health to your metabolism," Allende said. PLASMAIDE supports blood oxygen and nutrient flow, balances inflammation, and promotes energy and endurance while supporting fast and efficient recovery from normal short-term muscle soreness.

From day one, professional athletes have been a critical focus of PLASMAIDE. Allende understood the unique requirements of having clean and certified products. With less than 1% of sports supplements submitted for testing and certification, our partnership with Informed Sport and firstFlagX demonstrates to not only professional athletes but everyday athletes our commitment to clean and safe sports.

As for being backed by science, clinical studies have shown the efficacy of pine bark extract on various issues, including the inflammatory system, oxidative stress system, and its capacity to generate the vasodilator molecule nitric oxide (NO). PBE has also shown that it reduces jetlag—a significant challenge for professional athletes.

Steve Boyages, a practicing clinician in endocrinology with more than 30 years of experience in medicine, serves as Chairman of the Board for PLASMAIDE. "I am impressed by the company's vision and excited to participate in PLASMAIDE's efforts to get people to understand the importance of their blood health and movement," Boyages said.

"In my former role at SWAHS (chief executive of the Sydney West Area Health Service), I understood the diverse health and fitness challenges that millions of Australians faced daily. Many of those problems could be traced back to needing to be more active. And this is how PLASMAIDE can assist people—helping them to move more and perform better."


Founded in Australia, PLASMAIDE is a human movement company focused on blood health. We work with the world's leading scientists and performers to create products intended to improve blood health, resulting in better physical and mental performance, increased energy, and faster recovery—so people can optimize their movement and perform at their highest level. The desire to move is at the heart of everything we do. Together, let's live a life in motion. 

For more information, please visit and follow @plasmaide on Instagram and LinkedIn.
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