Plasmaide is your health's best friend!
Plasmaide dramatically reduces inflammation and promotes good circulation.
Plasmaide is a registered TGA product - AustL 281284

Health & Wellbeing

Plasmaide is a unique sugar free natural functional beverage for consumers that results in increased levels of general health and wellbeing.

Most diseases and health issues including heart disease and cancers are caused by inflammation at the cellular level.

Inflammation at the cellular level displays no symptoms, but this is where it does the most damage - this is why it's known by the medical industry as 'the silent killer'.

Plasmaide is formulated using pine bark extract (Pinus Pinaster) that has demonstrated to reduce inflammation at the cellular level - a root cause of many diseases and conditions.

Plasmaide may protect your cells from the everyday stress of life by reducing cellular inflammation and may aid in the improvement of general wellbeing.


Sports & Exercise

Plasmaide has also been found to aid in sporting performance and recovery.

Testing by Informed Sport provides reassurance it is safe for all athletes to use. 

The key to Plasmaide is that it is highly bioavailable, which means it has the unique ability to get into the bloodstream quickly ensuring you get the optimum effect.

Of course if symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.